About FintasticPets.com

Fintastic Pets is a site I launched about my own passion for fish keeping, aquariums, and fish breeding.

I've been fascinated with fish my whole life, but only after "winning" goldfish from a fair did that start my journey into fish keeping.

What does the name of the site mean?

Fin = All fish have Fins
Fintastic = Slight variation of "Fantastic"
Pets = Fish, even though they are in tanks are amazing pets!

The name was born:  fin-tastic-pets / fintasticpets.com

How it all started

Starting many many years ago my son won a goldfish at a Fair (shows how long ago this was!) and after we brought the little fella home he didn't seem happy.  

The tank was too small, there was no water movement, and the poor little fella was at the top gasping for air.

The next day I went to the local aquatics shop and purchased:

  • 50L Fish Tank
  • 2 Bags of Aquarium Gravel
  • Fish tank Pump
  • Tap Safe
  • Filter Start

This was the start of my journey...

Where are you now?

Yellow Gourami
I absolutely love Gouramis!

Over the years, Aquatics has been a huge part of my life and i'm proud to say we have had 10 fish tanks over the years, all with different types of fish.

From tanks with Catfish and Clown Loaches, to smaller tanks for Platies and Mollies (which continuously breed...).

My most recent Aquarium

After my wife's fish started breeding... she was inundated with baby fish which were being eaten (yes - it happens)... however I ended up purchasing yet another tank to house all the babies.

photo of a 45l fish tank that's used for Plattys
Latest Tropical Fish tank in my collection - The Platty Tank

Why make this site?

I wanted to share my passion with the rest of the world, and often when I learn something new want to share it to help other owners of aquariums.

You may have already seen my Pond Website which boasts hundreds of different articles about garden pond advice.

I am here to help, if you have any questions - please be sure to drop me an email on my contact page.